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Second in Command

A fledgling Secular's Musings

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[Age]: ni-jyuu-nan sai. or 27, if you dont get it.
[Weight]: ...ugh, heavy.
[Height]: ...*sigh* not very tall, 5'1½
[Sex]: ...are you offering? 8D
[Location]: GYAH. trapped in my own mind. its not pretty.
[Profession]: Lazy-ass/manager =p
[Ethnicity]: Duck >.> ...or Hispanic =p
[Orientation]: open for discussion 8D
[Preference]: Sleeping? o_O;; ...with pretty boys :D
[Obsession]: Manga, Music, Fanfiction, Pr0n, Doujin
[Fragrance]: White Cherry Blossom, Citric Lemongrass, Rain ^^
[Flower]: Lilies, Iris, Roses
[Color]: Midnight, Sable, Silver, Violet
[Flavor]: Peach, Blueberry, Tea
[Songs]: Dramatic,
[Band/Artist]: Mr. Children, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Perfume, Kotoko,
[Day]: Friday :x Payday XD
[Manga]: Currently? :o Tsubasa, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, Otomen, di[e]ce
[Anime]: Currently: Saiunkoku Monogatari
[Food]: Fast food
[Mangaka]: Clamp, Watase Yuu, Narumi Kakinouchi.

That concludes this portion of my Mini-Bio.

Naruto's sleeping cap is love ♡

Genbu Kaiden is Love

名前: 派都梨紗 江部鈴 灯知
ネット名: 珠呂, 菖蒲, 梨紅, シェスカ
年才: 二十四
興味: アニメ、漫画、読む事、音楽、チャット、物語
家族: 母, 父, 姉, 兄, 二人妹, 二人姪, 弟 
誕生日: 十月, 十九日, 千九百八十三年
民族性: 西班牙人