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Wow I havent posted here in YEARS.

If we're still friends and you still see this on your feed, thanks for sticking around!

Update time!

I'm a Video Game Quality Assurance Lead now, I've been going to AX and E3 yearly. since 2012. Havent signed up for AX yet because Industry isnt available yet. I've been with my current boyfriend for almost 5 years.

Still living with my mom, or rather, they live with me now. I'm usually on facebook now and I have a new obsession.

ポケコロ (Pokecolo) its a mobile app a lot like GaiaOnline, but with way more stuff to do and customization options. I've been playing it for almost 2 years. I still log into Gaia because I'm a crack head, but aside from that, I've turned into the biggest fangirl ever. myreadingmanga/otakumole/kissmanga are the greatest things I've ever come across.

Still into the Anime/Japanophile thing so life is pretty good for me. Finished Naruto... which was all over the place and I guess I'm happy with how it ended, but whatevs. I read a lot more Yaoi than I did before, but I still read manga too. Recently started watching Bungou Stray dogs... good stuff. I ship AtsushixKyouka and Dazai/KunikidaxAtsushi (I cant explain this)

Hope ya'll are doing good too!
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Last post of 2011 Another year gone and past.

Lots happened this year. I left Felix, I got a new job, made up with the half-sister. And now I'm quitting the green.

Blasphemy right?


I dont know what to do with my life. I wanna be happy being me, I wanna have the money to maintain my lifestyle. I want people to stop demanding my time and attention, there's only so much of me to go around- really? I want to have the luxury to puff my brains out and them roam the web as I look at my beloved pretty boy yaoi and listen to all the music I want.

I want... fuck. I want no strings attached! damnitall. this is so fucking retarded.

*stalks off to get her ass plastered* Ugh. I need to get laid. its been fucking 6 months already. *headdesk* Being female is so not all its cracked up to be.
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Naruto - Minato - Gwyn

Return of the Fangirl fit.

Naruto 149:



jhsdghkashj BUH ;_;!!!

This- THIS. *flails spastically*

Itachiiiiii~ and Nagato- and Nagato's so proud of Naruto and and and- *bawls*

*quivers* this manga- SO MUCH LOVE AND WIN ;_;

Bleach 458:

...........I knew my OTP here would prevail. OTP's ALWAYS prevail.

Ishida~ <3

but yeah, Ginjo's the bad guy? ;_; oh Ichigo x.x and then Ishida... ISHIDA. *fangirls him shamelessly* SGFKHQERWFJK WHY IS HE SO DAMN COOL/HAWT/AWESOME!? Ok, I admit hat this series is getting pretty damn interesting. but Ichigo... ;_; betrayal is never cool x.x remember that kids.

Kuroko no Basket 84:

... I blame Prince of Tennis for this! I was never into sports manga and now I'm all... fangirly over Kuroko and Hyuuga-kun and even Taiga and... the dude with the cat face is just too cute- ohgodhalp. lmao.
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R.I.P. Isshi of Kagrra,

so last night I was dying my hair and decided to kill some time on-line- as per usual- and I log into lj and the first real shock of my life bowls me over like a ton of bricks-

I mean, when I heard they were disbanding- I was sad, yeah- but I had hopes for the vocalist- I didnt even know his name then- all I knew was that I really REALLY liked this band's music even though I didnt have a lot of it in my collection to begin with but-

I was still in kind of denial when I saw arama's post. it was the SECOND post on my friends page when I logged in and it- it didnt seem real because the post was so fresh- and then I started scouring the net because- it just wasnt possible. it couldnt've been.

so I keep searching and searching, all the while looking for more music on youtube- and then I read an article that said he'd died on the 18th?



I even checked twitter. it was true.

and all of a sudden the tears came flooding and I couldnt help myself because- I cant even explain this. kagrra, had- had- I cant even type this out without crying. their music was so lovely and Isshi really had the loveliest of voices and it was so distinctive and melodious and just-

now I know what its like to lose an Idol.

I'm not even religious and I burned a candle and incense and prayed for his eternal soul. I've never done that for anyone. Even halfway across the world this person was loved.

I cant even imagine what his loved ones are going through. wow. I'm seriously upset over this and I look like a mess and I have work and-

*just gets it all out of her system* and then lj was tripping the fuck out last night so- wtf. but yeah.

R.I.P.Isshi of kagrra,

I need more music by them, but for now I recommend 'Meguru', 'Kikoku Shuushuu', 'Sarasouju no Komoriuta' and 'Sakura ~ Saikai no Hana'
Shana - 灼眼

Long ass Fangirl/Manga rant/monologue is hella long; you are warned.

so you know what? I havent reviewed anything in ages right? right. lets do THAT then shall we-

Of course I've gotten a fair new amount of music on Hibarin[MiniTouch] and still havent downloaded most of the songs that are in Sasuke [OldGen 30gb] but I think that's mostly cause I just didnt add some of the songs in my CD's. but whatever- Daichi Miura and CHIHARU's STOP is ... I wanna say catchy but its more. I like Japanese music so much for their simple melodies. I mean, I got into this song because of Daichi as I like his; 'Answer, Memories', and 'Your Love' which is what started this whole mess. lol which is what's playing in the bg as I review XD

Mishounen Produce: I like shoujo. so what >o its so pretty XD and Kousei and Kaako are....... so damn sickeningly cute it aches in my mouth x.x the style here kind of sort of reminds me of Barajou no Kiss [I forget the author's name] which I really REALLY wanna continue reading. that art style is just lovely *sigh*

omfg, Squalo's Chinkonka no Ame... <3!!! rofl XD [VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOII!!!!!] lmao


Lizzy! O_O was my initial reaction at the end of the last chapter and this time, I'm all awww at Madam red cameo and 'Bastian having a good laff at the Master XD and Ciel... ah Ciel. you are truely loved m'boy. Lizzy...ah, my affection for her has now been magnified tenfold.

and grell... still cant like 'im. /shudder.

I like the other one I think its Ron?

Skip Beat:

...why are the devolpments in this story always so damn SLOW!? /head.fucking.desk. the art is very very lovely. I'll give you that and I really appreciate the aesthetics of it but- um...GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT ALREADY. GODDAMN. but yeah... Kyoko as Setsu is... the hottest chick I've ever seen and to my utter mortification- reminds me of Sami *retarded*

and then Cain...*is blown* whoa. really- WHOA. he can be so cute with Setsu and yet such a freaking predator...its thrilling *-*


Listening Monkey Majik's Change and reading this so so awesome. Break... BREAK. kjasdfkjawdlk *headdesk* ohgod. and now Dramatic plays >< lol and they have a bromance moment and now FREEDOM and I'm done and I am blown ;_;

LEO! kjska. crap. damn. Oz and Gil and even Alice and- CRAP. I love it x.x;

Gate 7:

...Hana and Chikahito are Canon damnit *huffs* and Mitsuhide... is a sneaky sneaky bastard o.o; poor Enka x.x;

an...its Masamune? ah, its Maa-kun. damm them are some long ass names lol. but hurg- I wanna be irritated at him on Chika's behalf but he's obviously something to Hana- ugh. so pretty. I think Hana's a boy :D!!!!! and the history in this is way WAY over my head. but I'ma follow anyways because its CLAMP. <3


I marathoned this a few weeks ago and fell in love. you know me and shounen- and apparently I like psychological now too. I mean, that's what got me into this AND Onani Master Kurosawa about a month ago- man was that a trip. but awesome too. but this is just awesome like on X-Men level lots of action, lots of plot, lots of death ;-; which kinan reminds me of Cage of Eden which is getting just plain ridiculous at this point after last chapter- but I digress.

yeah, Jin's gone crazy ;-; especially after what happened with Hanako- [and then UNCHAIN's Precious plays, followed by Lia's Tori no Uta and I die ;-;] and Konoha... eck. I dunno why I just dont LIKE them together. her and her brother are... kinna sorta annoying. Kouga's too heroish =/

Manga: the usual Suspects.

Naruto 543:


NDFJKDHSKJ 'Old-Man Bee' Oh Naru-baby. ilu honey. lol

and his Relationship with the Raikage and and and- hsfj GUH. *blubbers* ohgod I fucking love this series ;_; but I want this war over. I want everything settled. in a way- I want this ALL over. 


.....:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy. Shit. 

'Cousin Shuu'? this is so bad >< so so bad. 

...and Ichigo... lol you're love babe XD

...Strawberry Fifteen-

lmfao XD lol ohman. /wipes tear.


...Ok. I like you again Enma. for some reason you're just a tad hotter than Tsu-chan but you need to put on a shirt honey x.x; shirtless shota = distracting. 

bad Patty.

and Chrome... CHROME! and Enma blushing and just- yay. YAY. I'm so happy you jumped in! *flails happily* AND MAMO-CHAN. AND HAYATO. poor Jules is so lost =/ 
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(no subject)

 Naruto 540:


/gleeful sobbing.

also: YAY IT ISNT NEJI. YAYAYAYAYAYAY. I'm so devastatingly relieved it wasnt him. I'd've been hurt x.x; and Kiba.. KIBA XD and even Shino! and Hinata.... awww Hunny ;_; Naruto need to get with her >< SO DAMN HARD. HOLY CRAP SHE WOULD LOVE HIM FOREVER ;-; /sad.


*flails* so happy about this *-* 
but after the initial fangirling of Sakura's awesome ninja skills passed, I realize- she just rejected a potential bf that was actually pretty cute- OVER SOME DAMN FUCKING UCHIHA. OHMYFUCKINGCRAP. let us NOT get into Sakura's analysis because I will be cruel and unfeeling. 

...And Itachi ;________________; and Nagato- *WAILS* I cant get over that >< I just CANT. if I was Sasuke or Naruto and I saw that shit- I'd be so damn fucking upset and raging and Kyuubi would probably pop out again and just destroy everything =/

OR i'd go batshit insane and just assacre everybody in Sasuke's shoes.
their interaction is just so.. so plotty and natural and... GOD WHY DOES THIS SERIES TORTURE ME SO!? it would've been so awesome though- SO AWESOME. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT HIGH SCHOOL AU WITH THIS NOW!? 
I dont wanna think about this because the wheels in my head are turning and fitting and scheming scenarios and situations and yet STILL canon!Sasuke in my head turns up crazy! why!? 
My feelings for Sasuke are scarily comparable to Sakura's.... 
.........KYO. YA.-

*bounces around gleefully* hsdjkahfkja so damn awesome. words are superficial next to the awesomeness of Hibari Kyoya \*0*/ and then-
ENMA. ENMA. ENMA. *bounces around every.fucking.where* holy crap so much fucking flail x.x;
also: ...why doesnt Enma have a shirt on? o.o; and I feel dirty for finding the shota's hawt. 
....ok. I get the Ichigo/Orihime subtext. but in all honesty? Ishida->Inoue->Ichigo->Rukia. that's the order. even as a newbie I see this. Chad has a place in there, but its... murky. their whole relationships with each other is murky. I mean- Ishida makes his feeling for Inoue so blatantly obvious, and Chad has so much open affection for Ichigo and Rukia- I mean, I GET it. its just- so damn dramatic all of a sudden >.>; I'm almost turned off <.<;
can someone also PLEASE explain to me WHY I cant like either Orihime or that other big-breasted chick with the blonde hair? I dunno, too...peppy or something, maybe its the air-head factor? or that they 'look' like air-heads. or maybe I just like boys more XD
on a more personal note....
...nevermind. life isnt worth mentioning anymore. but Fanime is a big bust. 
Ugh. F.M.L. srsly.
Naruto - Minato - Gwyn

Fanime '11


FLOW and Matsushita Yuuya are performing.



If When PERFUME comes to Los Angeles/Cali-... 
I will have heart failure. I kid you not.

Naruto - Minato - Gwyn

Music; Naruto Shipppuuden

OP 9; 7 - Lovers;

...*is at a total loss for words* first of all 'Lovers'!? Jesus. and I thought NaruSasu WASNT canon. proven wrong- YET AGAIN XD [I'm trying to look at the silver lining here.]

I love my OTP.

but the animation... hnnng. I still fucking hate Sasuke. no matter how pretty he is. my love for him is dead...DEAD I SAY. /denial.

I say that but why- WHY does it hurt- its painful to watch these opening and endings now because I see so much into them and they really just drive me crazy with all the shit that happens in them and I just dont even-...


so dark. so- so tragic reading manga's killing because I already know whats going on but... *feels a crying jag coming on* Sasuke... Sasuke-

Sasuke. /sob.

I'm so scared that Naruto wont be able to save him after all. He smiled like Crazy!Itachi and it terrifies me to the core. and Naruto- Naruto....

Naruto. /WAILS. ;_;!!!!!!!

ED 17; Home Made KAZOKU - Freedom;

its late and I cant really enjoy these songs as much as I'd like because my earphones dont work so I cant pump up the volume =/ but it sounds bad-ass. and its insinuation is not lost on me.

Sasuke. Please. Wake up. Open your eyes. What is it gonna take for you to understand...?

Manga Marathons: D. Gray-Man and Skip Beat + Music ♥

D. Gray-Man:

....this shit got GOOD o_o;;;;;;

now I'm tempted to go back to the anime because- HOLY SHIT A LOT HAPPENED. o_o; *goggles* holy shit. a LOT HAPPENED. I MEAN WTF- I LIKE TYKI-PON NOW AND- ksdfkllas why did this series get so damn good all of a sudden?!

I'm kind of glad I waited all this time to finally get into it though, because this series had some awesome shit happen in it and the characters all went through so much and- augh, damnit. I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later ;=; the kanon in this is also fucking painful and a pleasure to watch. Rhode XD <3 and Tyki and even the Earl and Allen as a Noah is HAWT BEYOND ALL REASON and Marie has a thing for Miranda and Johnny's such a woobie and Reever OWNS YOU SO BAD and Bak is hilarious and Lavi loves everyone and Linali and Komui have this incesty relashionship that is both disturbing and cute as shit and Kanda's GAY and- *warbles*

...I'm lovin this.

I want Noahcest. why? because TykiAllen is CANON DAMN YOU. so many fucking pairings in here, its fucking crazy XD Marian and Tyki are THE HOTTEST CHARACTERS- no, Marian is NOT dead. he cant be, leave me the fuck alone.

...there's just so much material to work with here. I dont even know where to start.... i kinna feel bad for Kanda and Alma though- ;_; and why has Hoshino been making Linali a typical maiden in distress? what's up with this standard man? every fricken shounen is doing this now. SHOW ME A KICK-ASS FEMALE ALREADY. Rhode is pretty cool, I admit, but she's a Noah. its a given.


YAY. YES. DEVELOPMENT. REEEEEEN. <3 and Kyoko... oh hun XD you're starting to realize. all we need now is another girl to try and take him away and this story's in the bag. /glee.



/rocks the fuck out. I love life sometimes. Its good to be alive just for this- the love and joy spilling out of my heart till I'm choking on it XD